Reinstall, Replace or Reuse Your Computer

For all of my customers that have old or slow computers we offer a FREE evaluation of what to do with your computer.

Make sure that you have a FULL backup of all data. We will do a free evaluation and let you what we think will be the best solution.

Scenario Your cost: Solution:
Recycle: The computer has a CPU that is faster than 2GHz and the memory is adequate for normal use (2GB or more). You don’t want it anymore, but you want it to be available for someone else. $0 We will test the components and make sure it is working fine. We will then will erase everything on the computer and reinstall the operating system, antivirus solutions and LibreOffice. If the computer came with other software we might consider using that.

We put it out for sale so that someone else can use it. They pay $90 for our time and testing. There is no warranty on parts etc. for the new user of the computer.

Recycle and replace: The computer is so old (slower than 1GHz processor) that there is no use in giving it to anyone and you don’t want it. $25 Wipe out all data so that it will not be possible to retrieve any data from the hard drives.

Bring the computer to the recycling center for you.

Reinstall and reuse: You want the computer to be formatted and reinstalled so that it works as good as when it was new, and then use it or give it to someone you know. $90 Format the drive and reinstall the OS, all drivers and MS updates. If any other programs are required, they will be added to the bill based on how much time it takes.