Rates and Contracts

 WorkRates Payment Schedule
Computer work done in my office$100/hourDepends on work or contract. Payment upon completion for smaller jobs.
Computer Consulting, house calls$150/hour. The rate also apply to driving time Payment upon completion.
Computer Consulting, business customers$130-200 depending on the contract and work. The rate also applies to driving time. Server/router/network work is normally charged $110Depends on work and/or contract.
Between 6pm and 8am and weekends/holidays.$180/hour
Server and network is $220
Depends on work and/or contract.
Cloud and virtualization$150-200/hourDepends on work and/or contract.

 Examples of cost and time for computer services at my office:

Fixed Rate Services (at my office) Time estimate Price US$
Re-installation of operating system (OS). The price is based upon you already having the installation disk, drivers and license code.( Any installation of additional software will be charged per hour.)
1-2 day(s)
Re-installation of OS (no installation disk or drivers, but you have the license code.)
1-2 day(s)
Virus removal. To clean up a computer normally takes a few days, but you pay only for the time I have to do something in front of the computer.
 4 hours to 4 days
$150 – 200
Optimize your computer. Includes check of the file structure on the hard drive, cleaning up the registry, cleaning up spyware and viruses, and defragmentation. I will also remove (or recommend removal of) software that is making your computer slow.
 1 day
Installing a new hard drive, memory or other parts that can fit inside the computer (or attach). This price only covers work. Parts and time spent finding parts will be added. Several parts can be covered under this price if they are simple to install. 
$60 (minimum charge)
Cloning a hard drive. This is if you are running out of space on your hard drive (or the hard drive is failing) and you want to move everything over to a new or bigger one.If you have a RAID (click here for explanation) solution it will take much longer (if possible at all). RAID solutions are NOT a substitute for backup!
Depends on size of old and new hard drive
Between $60 and $150 per hard drive.