What data should I backup to the cloud?

The list below is just ideas to think about. Then in the list below there is some suggestions on how often to do backup.

  1. Backup of the database backup from databases that are critical for the company to function.
  2. Backup of current data files that are critical for the operation of the company.
  3. Backup of accounting if you have it inside of your organization.
  4. Backup of user profiles.
  5. Backup of static data:
    1. Archived information.
    2. Images of servers and workstations for quick restore.

Here are a couple of options for how often to do backup:

  1. Daily backup of data 1-3 to a storage server.
  2. Daily backup of 1-4 to storage server.
  3. Daily backup of 1-3 and a weekly backup of 4-5.
  4. You have your own server in a cloud outside of your company (you can even own it) that is a backup domain controller etc that can be put back in place if something goes wrong. I would not buy an expensive server as it will only store data and not have any login functionality for more than 10 people if needed. I would run a daily backup of 1-3 and a weekly backup of 4-5. This option will be a complete start over if everything in your business burns down. The server would probably cost around $3000 for a cheap server and about $100-200/month for having it in a rack, internet service etc. Here is an example of a server that you can modify that would be sufficient for this purpose: Supermicro SDR-5018D-MTF server

Have a nice day!

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