Below I have listed some resources in our community. Below that some software that I find useful:


  • Antivirus tools:
    • Bitdefender. The free version is for non-commercial use only.
    • Malwarebytes free edition.
    • AdwCleaner. A free adware cleanup tool. Please be careful with this tool. It can in some cases remove legitimate software that is not installed in the “correct” place.
  • Crap removal tools:
    • Crap cleaner Please make sure you click on the link to the right of the name
    • PC-Decrapifier┬áMake sure you want to remove the programs listed.
  • Office tools:
    • Libre office. An office package that can be used to work on Word and Excel documents. I normally install the help package too.
    • ProjectLibre. A Microsoft Project clone that will open up project files and help you with planning.