Finn R. Alden

Finn R. Alden, owner

When I started learning about computers back in the mid ’80s I never thought it would change as fast as it has. Since then I have worked on operating systems like Novell, Banyan and all the versions of Windows Server and desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office and other programs. There are two areas that I love, databases and networking computers. I could never understand why I would have a computer sitting alone and not being able to share what I was doing with my co-students or co-workers.

In 1995 I had my first introduction to Internet. Not a big thing in those days, but it soon became clear that it would influence everyone. Not just our way of doing business, but also how we approached learning and interacting. This was my second encounter with sharing information, but this time in a public arena where you could go to a place on the internet and get information. In 1997 I created my first web site, and have over the years changed my method of development to Dreamweaver/Notepad++, Drupal, WordPress, ecommerce/web shops etc.

Around 2001 I took my first look at virtualization technology (one physical server/computer with several operating systems installed), but I found them to be unstable and did not recommend them for customers. Over the years I have continued to test, but I always ran into stability as an issue. In 2012, I finally became happy with stability and security.  I admit that my testing is harder than normal use, but I like to know that what I am building can handle rough use. I tested out Windows Server 2012, Proxmox, VMWare, CentOS and some other software and they worked. As a result of that testing, I am now offering virtualization as a part of my business and I have also found RedHat/CentOS to be a solid Linux operating system. For desktops I would recommend Linux Mint.

Since then I have installed Windows Server 2012 for a couple of my customers with virtualization using Microsofts Hyper-V technology.

I have also followed closely the development of cloud systems and in 2013 I started Redwood Cloud Services LLC to offer secure storage of backup and cloud based virtual servers. This company is now a part of Alden Tech and Design LLC.

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