Alden Tech & Design is your choice for getting the right solution to your ideas or IT problem(s) in Mendocino County area. My expertise/services are in these areas:

Computer consulting

Finn Alden
Finn Alden
  • Microsoft server installation and maintenance
  • Setting up wired and wireless routers
  • VPN, Remote Desktop, VNC and other remote tools
  • Virus clean up, advice and general instructions on computer security
  • Backup of servers and workstations to any media that your software can handle
  • Building specialized servers and desktop computers.
  • Recommend software and hardware solutions
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Virtualization, backup and cloud solutions.

  • I will give you my honest opinion about what I think might be the best option for you whether it is using my services or others
  • Backup to my cloud or other providers
  • Virtual servers running on my cloud. This can be Windows or Linux servers
  • Virtualizing servers in your own business. If you have 5 servers in your business, it might be possible to have two or three of them running on one physical server
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